Over 35 years of travelling around our amazing planet in search of outstanding images has not decreased the desire for exploring and understanding this multifaceted and beautiful world.

Moving about anywhere brings new images into my path in an endless stream. Life unfolds, lives and dies in front of the observer. With the aid of the camera I am able to freeze these moments, to preserve and share them for everybody to enjoy. Moments of life on Earth and experiences are hard to convey but a great image can invoke feelings and emotions in the observer. That is the challenge of photography.

I believe in the everlasting value of stills photography. Being able to look closely at a photograph and then returning later to see a different aspect of the same image represents a timeless quality not found in moving pictures and fast video clips.

The small presentation of images is intended to give the viewer an idea of what is available from my stock covering over 30 countries and spanning 35 years. Behind every image on this site lies hundreds, or even thousands of other images. As a good part of my material has been shot on Fuji Velvia film before 2006 there is a wealth of historical images to scan and display as time becomes available.

Who am I? (A great question)

I was born in Sweden 1960 and got my first camera while attending high school. That sparked my initial interest in photography as it is a creative pursuit and who does not love creativity?

A few years later saw me living in California, well away from parental guidance. There I managed to find a job on the luxury liner M/S Royal Viking Sea and headed off around the world with my camera in the bag. Visiting a multitude of interesting places and looking at my images I realised that this was something I wanted to focus on 100% so I took a break from life at sea for a year to study photography in Santa Rosa under the late great teacher John LeBaron.

Leaving school with top grades in both b&w and color, the ship again beckoned so I spent a few more years literally floating around the world seeing new places, making good money and having a lot of fun.

In 1985-86, a 6 month long overland road trip through what was then East Germany, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal brought me to Tibet. The Nepal land crossing had been open 2 weeks in 1985 and closed the day I arrived there to enter Tibet but now it was again open and they let me in on what became a wild trip.

I spent 3,5 months travelling and trekking, shooting some unique images and having the most amazing time of my life before being thrown out after getting 4 visa extensions and being arrested for trekking in a sensitive border area with Victor Chan and Regina Klene. The imagery I captured on that journey resulted in a mega slideshow at the University of Oslo in Norway and consequent fame plus a number of image sales.

The next year, 1987, I got a job in Nepal as a rafting and trekking guide. A fantastic opportunity to have lots of time to document one of the most incredible counties on our planet and having way too much fun at the same time, so I stayed for 7 years. Breaks were usually spent in incredible India so my image stock grew from these two amazing countries, and image sales did too. Scores of articles with photos were penned in my name and I felt the need to expand my horizons to the rest of Asia.

At the time Lonely Planet was starting an image stock agency, I was told over a few beers in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My friend recommended me to join which I did, a collaboration that became very fruitful and I rose to their top ten photographers list very quickly.

That became a very good incentive to just go for it and travel 10 months a year shooting as many destinations as possible so I did. Always on the road being creative is a pretty good lifestyle. With the years and my accumulated knowledge of the many countries I became attractive as an up-market tour leader for Asia.

After 15 years or so of combining being a tour leader and doing my own photography work spending 5 months a year in Asia, it was time to slow down a bit. I still do the occasional tour leader jobs, mostly in Bhutan and Nepal but the pace is not as intensive these days.

My images have been published worldwide. Some clients worth mentioning are: National Geographic guidebooks, Lonely Planet guides and other books, Globetrotter guidebooks, New Holland publishers books, Temaresor, World Wide Travel and Lotus Travel catalogues in Sweden, Action Asia Magazine, Vagabond Magazine, Utemagasinet Magazine, Playboating Magazine UK, Palm Equipment UK, Eskimo and Prijon Kayaks in Germany, Dagger UK and countless other places.

You can see more of my work at following image libraries.

Snaps from the road
  • My Son, Vietnam 2008
  • Road trip in North Vietnam 2008
  • Ms Champasak and me. Laos 2007
  • Danum Valley tree platform. Borneo 2010
  • Stretching in the Seychelles, 2014
  • Bernard Pietsch and me. California 2008
  • Trolltunga with Gabriele. Norway 2015
  • Bako National Park, Sarawak, Borneo 2010
  • Beech forest in spring, Sweden 2010
  • Big tree in Cat Tien, Vietnam 2008
  • Me and Ta Niem, Angkor, Cambodia 2008